Expand Your EV Roaming Network

We have good news for Charge Point Operators, Parking Providers and e-Mobility Service Providers, who are looking for faster expansion and scalability.


We are thrilled to introduce our innovative Roaming Module, which adds robust EV roaming functionality to your existing platform while decreasing your cost of ownership. The Roaming Module is built around the Open Charging Protocol Interface (OCPI), the de-facto standard protocol for EV roaming, which enables seamless integration with a wide range of charging partners and networks.

Our core mission is to decrease the cost and time for connecting to new roaming partners, and to simplify the maintenance of those connections.

Harness the Potential of Roaming without the Hassle

Expanding your roaming network can take a lot of time and effort. Instead of using resources on implementing or maintaining your own OCPI roaming protocol, you can connect your existing software to our specialised Roaming Module using simple API endpoints. The Roaming Module is available as SaaS or licensing, and it takes care of the complexities of roaming technology for you. The Roaming Module is technology agnostic, so you can easily plug it into any existing platform.

Benefits of the Roaming Module

Cost and Risk Reduction

Choosing our solution cuts down costs and risks compared to managing it all yourself. We handle all updates, which means less work for your team.

Easy Implementation

We strive to make the setup process as simple as possible. Our team will guide yours through the process, making it easier to integrate our tools with your existing system.


With our combined 70 years of software development, 30 years of EV experience, and 10 years of integration experience, SolidRoam delivers robust SaaS solutions you can count on for reliability and easy maintenance.

Ready for Growth

Our system can handle large amounts of charging sessions, meaning it's prepared to grow alongside your business.

Future Proof

By staying abreast of the most recent roaming protocol versions and charging technologies, such as OCPI 3.0 and Plug and Charge, we'll help you remain ahead of the curve.

Try Before You Buy

You have the chance to try out our tools and see firsthand how everything works before making any commitments.

Broad Connectivity with One-time Setup

Once you integrate your platform to our simple API, you gain access to the entire roaming world, connecting with new partners and hubs with ease.

Uninterrupted Service

Our high-performance servers ensure your operations run smoothly around the clock, giving you and your customers a peace of mind.

Our Partners


How To Use Your Team Wisely

You can avoid using your development resources on implementing roaming technology, as an off-the-shelf solution is readily available. The roaming protocols are generic and standardised across the industry, creating a level playing field. What sets you apart from your competitors, is your ability to harness your team’s unique expertise. They can craft features that distinguish your offerings from those of your competitors. This strategic edge is pivotal in enhancing your market position.

We’ve designed our Roaming Module to simplify your integration journey.

  1. It provides flexibility through customisation options, ensuring a smooth bridge between your existing software and our roaming API.
  2. It shortens your time to market substantially. 
  3. It allows you to stay focused on the critical task at hand – excelling in your core business operations.

Contact us today and learn about the simplest way to expand your EV roaming network