The SolidRoam Enterprise OCPI Hub makes it possible for you to establish your own EV roaming hub, or to simplify your company’s internal roaming topology. The first roaming hub product on the market, the Enterprise OCPI Hub is a scalable, affordable and future-proof enterprise grade software product from the Finnish roaming experts. It gives you never before seen possibilities in roaming connectivity.

Option A

Establish your own OCPI hub business

Get your OCPI hub up and running quickly with our flexible licensing or SaaS options. We’ll handle the updates and maintenance, allowing you to focus on establishing your hub business and building a comprehensive network of roaming services.

Option B

Simplify your company’s roaming topology

The Challenge: Managing a growing network of peer-to-peer roaming partners leads to exponential complexity. Each connection becomes a potential point of failure, draining operational resources. Maintaining a larger number of CPOs and eMSPs multiplies the problem.

The Solution: A centralized hub architecture simplifies your roaming infrastructure. It dramatically reduces the number of connections you need to manage, guaranteeing a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective foundation for your roaming services.


Compatible and Future Proof

Industry standard roaming protocols. Proven interoperability through By staying abreast of the most recent roaming protocol versions and charging technologies, such as OCPI 3.0 and Plug and Charge, we'll help you remain ahead of the curve.

Easy to Integrate

Our hub connects to your own CPO and MSP backends, as well as SAP and other finance platforms. Integrate with our simple API to get OCPI connectivity for your backends. All the data you need, available in real time.

Performance and Scalability

Our hub and OCPI solutions have been designed for reliability, scalability and performance. They will grow as your business grows.

High Availability

Choose the SolidRoam Enterprise HUB for robustness, with redundancy and failover. Our cluster can handle surprises.

Fast to Market

Establish your hub within a few weeks and confidently connect with customers or your own roaming networks. No OCPI? No problem. Our simple API provides instant connectivity with the hub and your OCPI compliant partners.

Rent or Own

Do you want hassle free, or to be in full control? We can run SaaS for you in the cloud or a license on your own servers. Either way, you are good to go.

Secure to the Bone

The SolidRoam Enterprise HUB has passed rigorous security review and testing.

Invoicing and Settlement

We create the invoices for you, and settle them between each partner. You can concentrate on growing your business.

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Your OCPI Hub is Within Reach

Implementing your own roaming hub seems daunting – the complexity, the effort, the risk. SolidRoam Enterprise HUB eliminates these hurdles. Our solution integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, replacing complexity with streamlined efficiency. We’re dedicated to solving these challenges, drawing on our deep expertise in EV roaming and the OCPI protocol.  Whether you choose our licensed software or cloud service, you gain a reliable, future-proof foundation for your business.