About SolidRoam

SolidRoam Oy was founded in 2023 to continue the work of ChargerHub.EU. We simplify OCPI roaming, making electric vehicle charging more accessible and supporting the adoption of renewable energy for transportation. We build software products which enable EV ecosystem companies to connect to roaming partners and networks in a secure, scalable and efficient way.

Backed by a board of directors and advisors deeply experienced in Finland’s electric vehicle ecosystem, we are strategically positioned for success. Kari Kallonen, Jiri Räsänen and Mikael Heikfolk have played an integral role in the electrification of transportation, including regulatory, community and technology. Kari has co-founded Sähköautoilijat ry and Tesla Club Finland, while Jiri has been in the charging business since building the first EV conversion car in Finland, the eCorolla. Mikael is the CEO of OceanVolt, a pioneer in electric marine propulsion systems.